who we are

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    Creative Director
    The creative director determines the best ways to visually represent your company's identity online or through printing and promotional materials. It's very much a people-oriented job, involving development of high-level concepts for design projects. It also involves earning a personal relationship with "you" our client and understanding your business goals.
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    Project Manager/Job Coordinator
    Our job is to take each project through its 3 stages of development.
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    Customer Advocate
    Focusing on what is best for you, our customer.

A Few Words About Us

We do the work for you!

With more than 27 years in the Commercial Printing, Graphic Design and Promotional Products industry, Design For Press is your one source that offers a wide range of printed products leaving you the time to focus on other aspects of your business.

our mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with excellent customer service, offer alternative methods of marketing, the highest quality and best results at competitive rates.

We have solid working relationships with some of the best trade commercial printing and promotional product manufacturers in the business. Effective communication and trade knowledge allows us to serve our clients' needs and avoid costly mistakes due to misunderstandings.

Let us help you market and promote your company!